Monday, 2 July 2012

Bye Bye Goolge Ads with FireFox

Step 1 : Open Firefox, Go to 'Help' menu at the top-left of the browser OR hit Alt + H
Help ⇒ Troubleshooting Information ⇒ Profile Folder: Show Folder
Note. This is your profile folder containing bookmarks etc, which you can copy and move to other PC's etc

Step 2 : Create a folder named chrome

Step 3 : Create a css file named userContent.css

Step 4 : Copy the following code to the files userContent.css
 @-moz-document domain( {  
    #taw {  
        display:none !important;  
    #rhs_block {  
        display:none !important;  
Step 5 : Restart Firefox

Sunday, 1 July 2012

HTML5 Geolocation API

Lowest Supported Browsers

IE 9.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 5.0+, Safari 5.0+, Opera 10.6+, iOS Safari 3.2+, Opera Mobile 11.0+, and Android/Browser 2.1+/3.0+
For current compatibility see here

Geolocation API Specification

Technology Used

Global Position System GPS
Assisted GPS (A-GPS) cell site triangulation

Example JavaScript

 //Check if browser supports W3C Geolocation API  
 if (navigator.geolocation) {  
   // single shot position request (others are repeat + cached)   
   navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(successFunction, errorFunction);  
 else {  
   alert('Geolocation API is not supported by your browser.');  
 function successFunction(position) {  
   var lat = position.coords.latitude;  
   var long = position.coords.longitude;  
   alert('Your location coordinates are: Latitude:'+lat+' Longitude: '+long);  
 function errorFunction(position) {  
code formatted here

Friday, 29 June 2012

Movie Review: Prometheus

Don't blame Ridley, blame Lindelof (Lost) & Spaihts (The Darkest Hour) for any misgivings you may have about this movie. These two aliens to Sci-Fi clearly take the word 'fiction' too literally and skip so much logic that this film becomes utterly unconvincing.

I actually enjoyed the direction and visual effects in this movie, but as you know, these two alone do not make a great movie.

Its the Star Wars prequel disaster all over again.

At least we have a new contender for the best acted android!

1. Michael Fassbender - Prometheus (2012)
2. Lance Henriksen - Aliens (1986)
3. Jude Law - Artificial Intelligence (2001)
4. Rutger Hauer - Blade Runner (1982)

Only 1/2 star from me, although I had high expectations.

More here: At The Moives: Prometheus

Sunday, 17 June 2012

How to override the blogger template copyright using jQuery

1. Add link to the latest jQuery JavaScript library to the of your template.

2. Add a HTML/JavaScript Gadget to your template and populate with the following JavaScript.
 $(document).ready(function() {  
  var year = new Date();  
  var cr = "© " + year.getFullYear();
  cr = cr + "&nbsp;<a href=''>Name</a>";   
  var attr = $("#Attribution1 .widget-content");  
code formatted here